Clients' Notes of Loves

“The speaker, Sulianah, was engaging in her sessions for adults and children and was able to communicate the various aspects of handwriting analysis effectively, as evidenced by participants’ enthusiastic responses and feedbacks after the sessions. Her ability to tailor a presentation according to her client’s needs also impressed me.” ….

Mr Galvin Soh, NLB

“Thank you so much for helping me to create the most precious and priceless gift for my Guest of Honour, Mdm Halimah Yacob (now is the President of Singapore), last December. My team members were amazed by the flawless artwork of the portrait and also the details of the handwriting analysis. You did a good job on delivering it on time despite the hectic situation that you had to undergo. Thank you”….

Ms Noraini Onan, Educator

“Thank you for your thorough analysis – truly amazing at the informative insight you have provided.You have done an outstanding job in the task presented to you,and I sincerely thank you for your professionalism. I’ll recommend Sulianah to anyone who is keen in handwriting analysis”….

Ms Reena Rai, Regalz Training

“I had the pleasure to work with Sulianah for the past three student outreach events at NUS. Her booth always attracts the most participants. Our event guests are simply fascinated by her unique handwriting analysis service. Crowd started to form a beeline in front of her booth even before the start of the event. It is definitely a great event line up to engage and entertain your guests. To top it all off, Sulianah is friendly and most helpful! I hope to work with her again soon!” ….

Ms Tan Soo Huay, NUS

“Thanks for the follow-up. Appreciate the gesture. It was fun getting my handwriting analyzed and I have to say some of your observations were quite accurate. Also, good to now understand how our handwriting can provide an insight into our personality. As for me, I’m still looking for a job but your words of encouragement helped me out and are much appreciated.” ….

Ismail, NUS Graduate

“I find this useful for me to use it to understand my staffs better to avoid miscommunication within the company.” 

Mr Fey, Owner of an Oil Petrochemical company from Africa

“My team have been trying to find out about this science for our psychology applications and I come here only for this seminar.” 

Dr. T.R, University Dean

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Disclaimer: Feedbacks are published with permission from Clients. We appreciate all of our clients’ feedbacks and would continuously ensure feedbacks are taken into consideration to meet the expectations of our clients in the future. .