Personality Analysis Report

For S$99/-

Report is customised and according to handwriting submitted to Grapholistic

Learn and understand more about your personality. Your strength, the way you think,how you express your emotion, the barriers that could hinder you to achieve your goals and many more.

Once we understand yourself, we will be able to build a robust self-esteem and confidence. Recognise ourselves first before trying to understand others.

Once you purchase online through the ‘Buy Now’ button, you need to send the following details to For any clarifications, feel free to contact us at +65-82008775.

1) Write on a paper with no lines (the ones normally we use for printing). Sign at the end of your write-up. To be more accurate in the analysis, we need at least half a page or 3/4 write-up.

2) Use the pen which you are comfortable with. Be on a comfortable sitting position. Do not stand and write.

3) Write any topics which you are interested in. Do not do not copy from other materials. It will affect the momentum of your writings which will lead to inaccuracy in analysis.

4) Do not write in capital letters throughout your writings. If it is how you normally write, give me 2 types of the writings. The one in capitals and the one in cursive/normal writing.

5) Scan the doc in a clear copy in high dpi to me. It has to be very clear.

Analysis will normally take 7-10 working days

Personality Analysis Report (Code:PAR)