Understand Yourselves and Others Through Handwriting

Handwriting Analysis for Personal is to assist individuals to explore about themselves more by understanding their personality. If you experience at times people telling you who you are instead of you telling yourselves who you are, through handwriting you could in fact find out about your emotional pattern, thinking pattern, willpower, self-confidence, and many other characters.

Jobseekers Analysis

Other than that, you could request that the analysis be done through a written formal report. If you are planning to submit your resume to your employers, we could form a written report that highlights your strengths. Well, why would you want to miss the opportunity at least to have an interview once with the company which you would lov to be part of them. Attract your potential employers out there uniquely.

Compatibility Analysis

A great communication forms not only by understanding yourselves, it is more valuable when you know and understand the other parties better. Do you agree with me? What it will be like if you could understand your love partner, your employee, family members and friends? There will be less communication conflicts and frictions, less misunderstandings and forge respect with one another.

This will turn out well if there are at least two individuals’ handwritings, such as yours and your partner. The purpose of this is so that you could identify her/his personality such as how emotional he is and does it match with yours. If it does not, how normally you would possibly respond to each other if a crisis occurs.

Analysis will be in written reports. A complimentary verbal consultation session will be included in package.
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*Sample of Analysis*
(Contents and Categories will differ depending on the intensity of the analysis),