Handwriting Analysis Conference 2019


By Grapholistic International in Singapore

How this Conference benefits you?


Understand about yourself

Personality Development

How to build these interpersonal skills

Handwriting Analysis Application

How to identify traits and improve it through changing handwriting strokes

Our Best Propositions for You!

You will gain additional knowledge and tips on how to analyse your personality from more than one seminar. Ranging from basics of handwriting analysis and how to analyse it. And in addition you have the opportunities to learn to know yourself and also understand personnel who you will be recruiting for your organisation.


Intro on Handwriting Analysis

ELearn what is the science of handwriting analysis

Self-Esteem Development

Learn how to identify your personality and self-esteem. And the handwriting strokes that could be improve to enhance this trait

Personnel Selection

Choosing the suitable candidate for the job is complicated with all the hidden characters not shown in during interview. Find out how to know it off-hand through the handwriting

Problems in Handwriting

Identify the red flags in handwriting, what it means and how to avoid and improve it.

Global Seminars

Grapholistic is touring worldwide to reach as many individuals as possible. We had a great one for our last tour in Tokyo,Japan.

Complimentary Book by Speaker

Participants will receive a complimentary book by the speaker who is the also the author of 'A Graphotherapy Manual'









Past Seminar in Tokyo

“The speaker, Sulianah, was engaging in her sessions for adults and children and was able to communicate the various aspects of handwriting analysis effectively, as evidenced by participants’ enthusiastic responses and feedbacks after the sessions. Her ability to tailor a presentation according to her client’s needs also impressed me.” ….

Mr Galvin S.

National Library Board (NLB)

“I had the pleasure to work with Sulianah for the past three student outreach events at NUS. Her booth always attracts the most participants. Our event guests are simply fascinated by her unique handwriting analysis service. Crowd started to form a beeline in front of her booth even before the start of the event. It is definitely a great event line up to engage and entertain your guests. To top it all off, Sulianah is friendly and most helpful! I hope to work with her again soon!”

Ms Tan S.H

National University of Singapore (NUS)

“ I find this useful for me to use it to understand my staffs better to avoid miscommunication within the company.”

Mr Fey.A.

Owner of an Oil Petrochemical company from Africa

“ My team have been trying to find out about this science for our psychology applications and I come here only for this seminar.”

Dr T.R

University Dean

Join our Conference in Singapore

6th July,2019 - Singapore Management University

Our Speaker


Graphologist and Founder of Grapholistic International

S.SULIANAH, Founder of Grapholistic International has been practicing graphology for over 20 years. With the extensive studies and on-the-field exposures, she had assisted organisations in recruiting employees and provide consultancy on personality development to individuals as part of the service. She believes that if a person is able to understand his or her own disposition and others’, there will be lesser conflicts and eventually establish an effective communication with one another.

She is a graduate in Master of Science in Marketing and Consumer Insights in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU), Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Marketing Management and Diploma in Handwriting Analysis. She has undergone certification in Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen at HBX Harvard Business School.

She had attended lectures in Personnel and Children’s handwriting and analysing characters at The London College of Graphology. Her research interest is on how high self-esteem encourages optimism and eliminates fears of unknowns using the Graphology method.

Some of the key organisations she has worked with are National University of Singapore, Social Development Network MCYS, National Library Board, STJobs, JobsCentral, Mapletree, Starmall Property, KBR, Compassvale Primary School and other private corporations. She has been featured on news articles, magazines and radio. Recently, she was featured in the reputable magazine, Augustman on ‘Write Here,Write Now’.