Employers, Directors and Human Resources - Are you Selecting the Credible and Reliable Candidate ?

Your Director and yourself had selected a candidate, and both of you are wondering whether he is the right person for that position. Is he really the person whom both of you see during the interviews?Reduce and eliminate choosing the wrong person, with no confident to do anything. He might be good but not suitable to your work environment. He might brag and talk about his strengths, but is he really who he is?

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Functions of Handwriting Analysis for Human Resource

Purpose of Handwriting Analysis for Corporate is mainly to assist Human Resource Division in organizations to employ the right candidates for the job. The right person for the job is very much important for an organizations that it will define its development in the future.

As we know that humans are not perfect. Therefore, the purpose of the analysis is not to find “the perfect with no flaws” candidates.

What organizations need are candidates that fit the requirements and environment to perform the tasks and help run the company. At times, a certain position is not suitable to employ someone who is fast and do things without in depth thinking. You need a person who is more analytical and could stay put for hours to do research thoroughly. Our role is therefore to assist in identifying and advising you of the analysis. In which after that, we will give you the full authority to make the final decision.

What you should provide us?

Provide us a list on what type of personality you are looking for in the applicant. You need to include the responsibilities for the position and what is required from the applicant to perform the tasks effectively.

For corporate analysis, we provide our clients with choices whether you want to know your applicants characteristics before the interview or after the interviews.

If you do not want to waste your time interviewing someone who is not fit for the job, you could obtain the applicants handwriting for us to analyze and fit your requirements before calling them for an interview.

However, if you would like to meet with the applicant first and then use the analysis results to support your decision to select the applicant for the job, you could opt for the second method.

What we will do?

We will go through the applicants’ handwritings, in which after that, we will share with you the suitability of the candidates on the basis of the character requirements for the position.

How to Obtain Handwriting from Your Applicants ?

Method 1: Analyze Handwriting Before Interview
This can be done before the interview. Applicant is required to write on a piece of unlined paper anything that you want them to write (eg. About themselves, their goals, experiences etc). Remember to remind them to include the signature in the handwriting.

Writings on job application form are not sufficient. The purpose of writing in a full format is to look into their handwriting as a whole. Do not inform them that you are sending the handwriting for analysis as this will affect the originality of the results.

Once the applicants scan and email to you (email is preferable as it is clearer than fax), collate all the applicants writings and email to us for analysis. We will proceed once we receive your emails.

Method 2: Analyze Handwriting After the Interview
The second method is to obtain the applicants’ handwriting after the first interview. You can request them to write any topics. This can be done before you start the interview, in the midst or end of the interview.

At this time, you should have already identified which applicants’ you think you would like to select. The handwriting analysis results will be a support for your final decision.

Why do you need it as a support? Handwriting results will reflect the real personality of the applicants. There is nothing to hide compared to the interview.

Example: If you interviewed your applicant, he sounds so promising and optimistic to you. However, deep inside him, he could be only saying the positive things to make sure he impresses you so that he will get the job. In actual fact, he is the opposite. He has pessimistic view of himself, his life and has negative thoughts about his own capability. You are aware that this type of person will hinder his development in your company which will then affect your organization in the future. Would you want to employ him?

Email us at for detailed quotation. Analysis results will take between 3-5 working days depending on the quantity of handwriting submissions.Mode of communication are either by emails/telephone or direct face-to-face communication