It is a challenging task for us to identify our own limitations and the strengths that is already rooted in us. Why? Especially if we are enveloped with negativities in our life that we doubt our decisions and the way we think. Norms, culture and rules are mainly the guidelines we adhere throughout our life. Definitely, these will be helpful if we are lost during our journey to whatever we are looking for in this life.

We should not ignore the importance of our character and personality. Character is a trait which we mould since we are brought up which includes the genetic composition, while personality has the flexibility for us to carve and will change when we allow it to do so. Building an admirable personality with the character that is already existed in us varies in terms of its challenges and complications. If we could build ourselves to be immune to any negativities that are thrown at us everyday, it definitely will make us live more peacefully with less dilemma. Yes, this is certainly not an overnight process.

Remember, the only person who can make you resilient, happy and thrive is you and for those who believes in God, definitely the one who creates us. If you do not believe in your capabilities and yourself, just think how you can be happy even though you are surrounded with people who could be the light and source of your happiness. This will take from months to years to develop. Takes patience and a lot of doubts during this journey. And if you plan to build it, make sure it is concrete enough that you will not crumble when you are exhausted.