About Grapholistic

The Science of Handwriting and the Art of Human Behaviour

Grapholistic International was officially formed in Year 2005 by Siti Sulianah (S.Sulianah). The brand Grapholistic derives from the amalgamation of the terms Graphology and Holistic.

GI Personality Training & Development (GI-PTD) is a subsidiary of Grapholistic International which focus on personality development and trainings.

We aim to motivate our clients to understand and embrace their own personality. A confident personality is an essence to an optimistic lifestyle and positive self-esteem.

The services which we provide prioritize the concept of embracing hidden strengths and develop it into a constructive asset. We reach to our clients by sharing knowledge in personality development, mechanics of the human mind and embracing life.

Our main operation is based in Singapore. We serve clients worldwide with a global network of specialised experts in handwriting analysis, psychology and personality development in Australia, NYC, UK, India, Indonesia & Malaysia. 

Our logo, what it represents?

The strokes is an illustration of three fingers. Observe how your fingers formed when you write.  The abstract.

Our Vision

We aspire to listen and understand our clients,and encourage them to live a happier lifestyle with gratitude. 

About The Founder and Handwriting Analyst

S.SULIANAH, Founder of Grapholistic International has been practicing graphology since year 2003. With the extensive studies and on-the-field exposures, she had assisted organisations in recruiting employees and provide consultancy on personality development to individuals as part of the service. She believes that if a person is able to understand his or her own disposition and others’, there will be lesser conflicts and eventually establish an effective communication with one another.

She is a graduate in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Marketing Management and Diploma in Handwriting Analysis. She has undergone certification in Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen at HBX Harvard Business School. Currently, she is undergoing her Masters of Science in Marketing and Consumer Insights in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU).

She had attended lectures in Personnel and Children’s handwriting and analysing characters at The London College of Graphology. Her research interest is on how high self-esteem encourages optimism and eliminates fears of unknowns using the Graphology method.

Some of the key organisations she has worked with are National University of Singapore, Social Development Network MCYS, National Library Board, STJobs, JobsCentral, Mapletree, Starmall Property, KBR, Compassvale Primary School and other private corporations. She has been featured on news articles, magazines and radio.

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