Published in Grapholistic on 2 March 2010

How It Actually Works... Is That Your Uncertainty?

How it works? You must be wondering whether handwriting analysis really tells us about anyone’s personality.

Well, not to stiffly bore you with the 100 years of handwriting analysis history, accentuating the endless reputable analysis by graphologists, I decided to digress.

I figured out from my personal observation that whatever we feel and think, are unconsciously portrayed through our actions. Simply, if we dislike someone, we will distant ourselves from him or her. That literally explains how handwriting analysis works. Our character --> our behavior --> reflected in handwriting.

Let’s look at how the science of handwriting analysis sync with our behavior in daily life.

The following handwriting is someone who is a fast thinker,impatient and usually in a hurry.  Look at the top pointy strikes on the letters m, n and r. The association on the way it is written, that is swiftness in writing speed sync with the writer’s behavior in handling situations.

Check out on your bosses’ handwritings. Most of them possessthis type of writings. Observe how they handle situations. You should find the similarities. Believe me…you will.

On the other hand, if you see flat and round top on those letters as follows..then, please be ready with all the facts in your argument before you enter your boss’ room. Your boss possessing this stroke is more methodical and procedural.He wants evidences and figures.

How it syncs with life? Just imagine will need more effort and time to write like this - extending the top of the ‘m’, before the last stroke reach the base. This explains, you need time to collate any facts to support your thoughts before making decisions.

Solely figuring out the individual strokes to conclude about your personality is inadequate and ineffective. To implement this science accurately,handwriting needs to be analyzed as a whole. The best results to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and areas to improve require combining all handwriting traits for analysis.


Written By: S.Sulianah

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