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Published on 17 June 2017

Building Your Personality

This will take from months to years to develop. Takes patience and a lot of doubts during this journey. And if you plan to build it, make sure it is concrete enough that you will not crumble when you are exhausted. Read More


THE FOUNDATION: Holistic Disposition

Published on 19 Sept 2015

Our character shapes our individuality. The disposition which we mould is a composition from our minor traits. Cubic of knowledge, experiences and reflections make-up the foundation of absoluteness bolstering our core authentic nature.

One of the edifications which I never forget from my religious class during my teenage years is the formula ‘Building foundation.’ Our morals, knowledge and experiences that we build since we are at our early age is the foundation that leads every phases in of our life.
My lecturer asked one of my classmates who studied Architectural, “What is the most important phase to construct a building and will take the longest time to form?”  Silence... Read More


PERSONALITY CORRELATION: The Placement of t-Bars and Fears of The Future

Published on 21 Jan 2015

The consistency of the self-esteem and fears traits that complement each other is yet to be researched. The healthy self-esteem trait leading to optimism and overcoming fear of exploring opportunities; with the trait of limitation in self-esteem that coincide with the fear to try and the opportunities to achieve goals.
From the 70 compilation of handwriting samples, I found the consistency of these traits complementing each other.  Handwriting samples were taken from undergraduates and working adults from social and educational events.. Read More


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Claws in Lower Zone

Published on 3 Jan 2015

Claws in lower loops in 'y' 'j' and 'g' are one of the unusual traits found in handwriting. So far, I had only encountered two individuals with this trait. This trait is known to indicate that the individual feels that deep in him, he does not deserve anything good to happen.He will mess up with things that happen in his life.

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RECRUIT THE RIGHT EMPLOYEE with Graphology & Psychology Methods

Published on 3 October 2013

If you are a Human Resource practitioner or mere employer who needs to constantly recruit new employees for your organisation, did you realise that one of the most challenges in your line of work is recruiting new employees. At times, employees will either tender resignation in less than a year, or the worst case scenario is they abscond...
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Handwriting Pressure and Determination

Published in Wordpress on 3 April 2012

The pressure in your handwriting is not just a measure of whether someone can decipher what you write and whether it is clear enough. In graphology, pressure of a writing helps to identify the individual’s degree of determination, energy level to complete tasks...
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Signature and You

Published in Wordpress on 3 April 2012

Your signature is you in public’s perspective, while your main text is your personal inner character. Below is a real case situation on how important a signature means in your personality. Everything about him was fine until one day, a situation occurred that called for him to decide on how to handle his personal problems back at his hometown while continue acquiring the opportunities he had to pursue his career at the organization he is in.......... Read More

Handwriting Analysis in Relationship Compatibility

Published in ExpertsColumn on 6 Jan 2012


Compatibility analysis will start at the first point which is that it all started from attraction at first sight. You have to feel something for that person before you are interested to know more about him or her. It is weird to simply analyse a stranger's handwriting randomly. It is like adding someone in your Facebook friend's list. You should know her first, at least talk to her for ten minutes before asking for her Facebook email to add her as your friend. All in all, the attraction should surface first.

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Lower Zone Relationhip with Completion of Projects

Published in Ezine on 10 July 2011


All questions asked. Candidates had given the best answers as you expect. They have the necessary knowledge and exposure to handle the situations which you could foresee in your projects.However, you feel there is something lacking which you are not sure what it is. You are impressed by their responses however on the other hand you are still not sure whether he has the genuine qualities who could survive in your company and manage your projects till completion.

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Would You Recruit Her? She Writes Near to The Left Margin With Wide Right Margin

Published in Ezine on 16 June 2011


Margins signify how we comprehend time. Left margin says about our past while right margin signifies our future. Where the handwriting is placed on the blank sheet of paper is one of the vital traits that reveals in-depth about how we look into the future and our past.

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Criticisms - Cannot Take It? Avoid It. If not, Improve on it

Re-Published in Scribd on 2014


You will keep thinking whether you are really like what he said?
“Is he blind to criticize me that way? He thinks he is good enough that he could say I am like that? Who do you think he is? I know better than him!” Criticizing someone seems to be much easier than to endure the effects of being criticize.


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How It Actually Works? Is That Your Uncertainty?

Published in Grapholistic on 2 March 2010


How it syncs with life? Just imagine will need more effort and time to write like this - extending the top of the ‘m’, before the last stroke reach the base. This explains, you need time to collate any facts to support your thoughts before making decisions.


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Do Not Judge Your Interviewees By The Beauty of Their Handwriting. Observe and Analyze It Thoughtfully

Published in Grapholistic on 25 Jan 2010


Possessing the strokes & other evidences signifying optimistic and positive minded individuals, I was confident they will not disappoint me. I hope they will not create trouble and will not resign for atleast one year (the most sickening part of this job is when candidates resignin less than 3 mths, and I have to start advertising and interviewing all overagain).

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