Published in Grapholistic on 25 January 2010

Do Not Judge Your Interviewees by The Beauty of Their Handwriting . Observe and Analyze It Thoughtfully.

Try to look into several vital strokes in your interviewees’ handwritings.

 One of those is the letter T.

 Possessing a well placed t-bar signifies one’s healthy self-esteem. And this will help you as an employer, recruiter or Human Resource personnel to check whether the candidate suits the position he or she isapplying.

 Last four years, I had encountered three same situations while I was a HR coordinator in a manufacturing company, recruiting for production operators.

In three different recruitment exercises, I had selected three production operators with this handwriting stroke.

Possessing the strokes & other evidences signifying optimistic and positive minded individuals, I was confident they will not disappoint me. I hope they will not create trouble and will not resign for atleast one year (the most sickening part of this job is when candidates resignin less than 3 mths, and I have to start advertising and interviewing all overagain).

Ahh..and surprisingly, the candidates tendered their resignation within 4-6 mths.

I was pondering what was wrong with my analysis. I expected those three to be one of the high flyers in the company.

I realized that I overlooked on this when the 3rd candidate informed me that she found a job doubled the current salary within a short period. Individuals with this trait just do not stop there. They are confidentabout themselves and they know they will achieve what they want.

These people are clearly high achievers and yearn for success. They are individuals who believe in themselves and know there is something better for them. Why would they stay for a job which pays them only 600 bucks, working in a non-air-conditioned area with not much opportunity for them to grow?

They should be recruited for positions with challenges and has potential for them to grow. From those encounters, I learnt that some traits just do not synchronize with certain positions.

So, if you have doubts after selecting your candidates for the position you had advertised, you can just contact me for an analysis.


Written By: S.Sulianah

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